Friday, May 27, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation!!

Kindergarten Class Party

Ethan was the recipient of the "Einstein Award" for his gifting and enthusiasm for science.

With his sweet teacher Mrs. Bradley
As he received his diploma, it was said, "When Ethan grows up, he would like to be a pilot and fly fast jets." (He wants to be a Blue Angel! Reach for the stars, baby!!)

We are more proud of this boy than our hearts could express.

We love you, Ethan Joshua! You make us so proud!!! You are smart, well-mannered, looked up to, determined; a leader, a friend, a kind soul, a learner, a silly-willy; a gift, an answered prayer, a challenge, a teacher.
We couldn't imagine our world without you!

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Jenny said...

Aww!! He is such a good kid, Michelle! Congrats Ethan!